"Tell me how are you sad?" Saba asks himself in the opening verse of his new song. "You've got all of these friends / You've got all of these fans / I ain't trust nobody new since 2012 / I ain't let nobody in."​

Rooted in gorgeous, mellow production form Saba, Daoud, and daedaePIVOT​, "Busy" is an honest look at life after success. With his excellent 2016 album Bucket List Project in the rearview, Saba raps about the complicated state of juggling relationships with friends while feeling socially isolated. It's a story we've heard before, but it rings true coming from the poetic perspective of the 23-year-old rapper.

Watch the Peter Collins Campbell-directed video for "Busy" above and continue for Saba's thoughts on Chicago hip-hop.

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