From the DayGlo surrealism of "Glow Like Dat" to the raucousness of "Chaos," Rich Brian's videos have always trended towards the cinematic. In his newest clip for "Cold," the rapper takes the role of an ice skater practicing on a shadowy rink, the timely clip meshing perfectly with the current Winter Olympics.

Directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen, who also helmed Goldlink's "Crew" and Gus Dapperton's "I'm Just Snacking," the video for "Cold" features some impressive, sweeping skating shots (safe to assume there was a body double on most of those), and inky, backlit neon shots that fit the trippy color palette the MC has employed previously. With his background as a Vine star and his rise to fame with the striking, controversial visuals for "Dat $tick," Rich Brian has never been the kind of rapper content to simply spit rhymes into the camera.

Speaking to Pigeons & Planes about the track, Brian said the opening lyrics of the first verse were inspired by a brutal date at an Olive Garden in Philadelphia, and that he avoids drugs because he prefers feeling present and aware of his surroundings. "Drugs have never really been a part of my life," he said.

Check out the icy visuals for "Cold" above and watch Pigeons & Planes' "The Book of Brian" and our video on his artistic and personal evolution.

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