Chicago's Noname is one of hip-hop's most compelling lyricists, and she's developed a joyous, intimate live show that invites audiences to see the world from her perspective and . On February 27, Boiler Room released the full video of her set in Cape Town from last October, and it's every bit as magnetic and compelling as we've come to expect.

"This is my first time in Africa, this is the most incredible moment I've ever had in my life," she said. Noname performed a slew of tracks from Telephone, including "All I Need," "Diddy Bop," and "Forever," as well as "Church/Liquor Store" and "Finish Line/Drown," her collaborations with Saba and Chance the Rapper, respectively. The Boiler Room camera work brings us right to the front row and heightens the sense of intimacy Noname creates, though there was some tension later in the set when Noname asked for the balcony crowd to quiet down and not detract from the experience of the audience on the floor.

The set's release is well timed; thanks to the appearances of South African rappers like Babes Wodumo, Saudi, and Yugen Blakrok on Kendrick Lamar's Black Panther: The Album, the country's hip-hop profile has never been higher. Check out Noname's full Boiler Room set above, read our story on the making of her incredible debut album, Telefone, and watch footage of her performing new tunes as part of the Pigeons & Planes Stage at ComplexCon below.


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