Lauren Auder has released from his upcoming EP both sound massive. Elements of the experimental electronic beats you can find on his SoundCloud dating back two years or more are evident in "These Broken Limbs Again Into One Body​" and "The Baptist," but now they are paired with doleful vocals and a mixture of rock and classical sounds. Inspired by classic baroque pop, which blossomed from the '60s onwards, Auder is building majestic, melancholic worlds out of sounds you might not expect to hear together.

"These Broken Limbs Again Into One Body," premiering below, is the second song from Auder's Who Carries You EP, and he explains, "​It was the first song written from my upcoming project, and therefore was at the inception of many of the themes elaborated on it. Themes of duality and the struggle that comes with striving to feel complete thanks to one's lover. Pulling from Greek mythos and the Christian cannon for inspiration…"

Born in Watford, in England, raised in France, and now based in London, 19-year-old Lauren Auder follows artists like King KruleShlohmo, Tobias Jesso Jr., and London O'Connor in releasing music on New York-based label True Panther. The Who Carry's You EP is out March 16.

Listen to "These Broken Limbs Again Into One Body" and "The Baptist" below. The video was directed by Giannina Rodriguez Rico and produced by SISTERS ON SCREEN .​

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