I'll be honest. Less than a minute into Drake's new video for "God's Plan," I started searching Twitter for negative reactions.

Drake is at a point in his career where anything he does is put under a microscope and people are ready to hate for a few retweets. And we all know Twitter is a generally terrible place waiting to turn good intentions into a scandal at any moment.

The core idea for the "God's Plan" video comes from a good place: take money that would have otherwise been used on an indulgent high-production video and use it instead for people in need. I did  expect people to come at Drake's throat for pushing his good deeds on them in such a public way, though. It seemed like an easy target—even if the video did in fact do some good for people.

I was wrong. Every tweet and YouTube comment I've come across so far has been positive. People aren't tearing Drake down. They're celebrating a positive idea. I hate the fact that that's surprising​ to me and that I'm writing actually writing a whole post about it, but after seeing so many big cultural moments devolve into negative comments online, this was really refreshing to see. Read through some responses below. Happy Friday, everybody.

Ok, well... I guess this Funny Or Die clip isn't totally positive. But it's pretty funny. We'll let this one slide.

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