Demo Taped has been a favorite ever since we first heard him back in 2015, but he hasn't been in a rush. Over the past three years, he's been showing steady progression with each new song, but he's still only got a handful of songs out. On February 23, he'll finally be dropping a new EP called Momentary.

Based off what we've heard so far, the project will feature all of the things we loved about Demo Taped from the start: intricate production, unique combinations of pop, electronic, and R&B, and stunning melodies. But it sounds cleaner, bigger, and even more layered and complex. Get a taste of things to come with the final preview before the album, "Momentary."

"I really was listening to a lot of Junie Morrison around the time this project was being made," Demo Taped says. "I was really trying to break down his harmonies, song structure, synth work, etc. However, I was also just trying to be as open as possible with this whole project in terms of message. I think I’ll always be on this mission to unlock subconscious thought and write from that place. I was also additionally inspired, in terms of sound, by my church/gospel music upbringing. I love organs and swells and things like that."

Get to know more about Demo Taped below:

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