Not too long ago, Chance The Rapper announced his plans to co-produce a basketball documentary with Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade. Following the training that takes place at Orr Academy's high school basketball team, the documentary will take a look at what goes into becoming a great basketball player and the surroundings these kids grew up in.

Shot in the Dark is directed by Dustin Nakao Haider, and today the first proper trailer for the documentary has been released. Set to air on Fox Sports on February 24, the documentary is part of their new series, Magnify, which takes a closer look at the connection between sports and culture that surrounds it. 

The newly released trailer is pretty intense, to say the least. Head coach Lou Adams does not hold anything back on these kids, and it's clear that not everything is peachy for a lot of these kids growing up. Showing the inequalities they all face, and all the violence that comes with it, the documentary is said to be shot around Chance's hometown high school area. Watch the trailer above.

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