Travis Scott's long-anticipated next album, Astroworld, is expected by many to finally drop in 2018. During a new interview with Billboard, he dropped a couple hints at what to expect on the album, including the revelation that he's trying to collaborate with Stevie Wonder.

"My next album is going to have Stevie,” Scott told Billboard, while meeting with two of Stevie Wonder's children. "Well, I’m trying. We’re talking."

Interscope's Randall "Sickamore" Medford​ added more context to Astroworld's direction, revealing that the album will be loosely inspired by Houston and its "slow-riding, bottom-heavy sound."

"I don’t even know what’s going to be on it yet," Scott later reveals. He did hint that Kanye West will be involved, however, as he explained, "I played him some joints. We’re always talking. We’re always working on shit. I see him every day."

Scott also said that he's "a mission to be heard" in 2018 and referred to it as "Mission 28." He added, "I'm going crazy all the way until November 28." He had previously posted a photo from the studio with a caption that also read "Mission 28," but his representatives stressed that fans should think of it as an "abstract mantra"—not a project name. Later, Travis backed off the November 28 comment, calling it "just a date."

Continue for everything else we know about Astroworld in the video below.

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