Boston artist Jaalid is ready for his big break in 2018. He first caught attention in 2015 with "Paradox," and after working on his own for years, Jaalid is here to announce his new deal with Alamo Records as he drops off new single "Mexico." "I decided to release this project with Alamo Records after reviewing other offers," he tells us. "This made the most sense. They’re already like family there. I know a lot of familiar faces there, and there are people working the project that genuinely see the vision and want to build a partnership for the future."

"Mexico" puts Jaalid's warm style and smooth vocals on full display over hard-hitting BNJMN production. Speaking on the record, he says, "The song literally represents where my life is at now. It's so symbolic. A lot of things are changing at a fast pace, and people either adapt or remove themselves from my surroundings. Also, the vibe of the song gives me a Narcos/El Chapo vibe, which kinda correlates with my life. This is even more prevalent in my love life as well. I need somebody there to always hold me down, ride or die for me. I felt like this is the perfect record to kick the new year off with because existing fans can see the progression and also see where my head is at these days."

Check out the new single below and stay tuned for Jaalid's new album, set to release this spring.

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