If you woke up today feeling indifferent towards 50 Cent, then you are not Ja Rule. However, if you are Ja Rule, then you woke up feeling some type of way and decided to slash open old wounds and absolutely go off on 50.

It's still unclear what exactly 50 Cent did to provoke the rant from Ja Rule, but it might stem from some a recent interview on Big Boy's radio show. 50 is currently on a press round for his latest movie, Den of Thieves, in which he stars alongside Oshea Jackson Jr. When Big Boy asked 50 about some of his past beefs, Ja gets brought up and Jackson Jr. shared a story.  

“I told 50 when I met him,” Jackson Jr. said. “‘I like Ja Rule!’ I was a fan. I was into it. He came out, threw the CD right out my grandma’s car.”

Big Boy then asked if anything would happen if the two saw each other, and 50 didn't hold back. “I would put him to bed,” 50 said.

So I don't know if that's for sure what sparked Ja's outburst, but what I do know is that nostalgia is poppin' right now. Everything that is old is new. Cassette album sales rose by 35% in 2017 for crying out loud. So rekindling a decades old rap beef is great PR move in my opinion. 

As of writing this, 50 Cent has yet to respond to Ja. Until then, though, thank god we have Twitter. Anytime something like this happens, Twitter reminds me why it is the single greatest social media app. When people all over the world unite to make fun of one common thing, it's just beautiful. So as we wait to see how 50 Cent responds to this, we'll enjoy some of the best reactions to Ja Rule vs 50 Cent, 2018 edition.