Last year, Buffalo rapper Bill Saber popped up on our radar with the bass-heavy "Creepin N Lurkin." Six months later, the song's video is at over 1.3 million views on YouTube, and Bill Saber is back at it. His new release is called Kill Everything 2018, and it brings that same ominous energy that Saber is becoming known for.

"I have so much music sitting," Saber explains, "and I'm about to go tour Russia and the UK, so I wanted to take some tracks and sequence them in my own way and put out a project that doesn't sound like anything in the SoundCloud charts. At first I was going to release a lot of projects. The Horned one was going to be all 'Creepin N Lurkin'-type tracks, just dark, talking my shit. God Tier was completely produced by Blank Body and was going to be what me and him call 'Coachella bangers.' And OMG$aber was produced by Ronny J."

"So I took different vibes put them together, and the goal was to show that no matter what the vibe is, I'll kill everything. That's where that title came from, and me and Blank are still doing God Tier, that's most likely next. The Ronny J project is going to happen, I just know he's busy as hell." 

"There are no Ronny J tracks on this one because I want that project to be super stand out-ish and kind of my leap to start charting, so I'm taking my time with it. Either way I hope you enjoyed the listen." 

If you still haven't seen it, watch the "Creepin N Lurkin" video below:

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