With the new wave of South Florida artists dominating SoundCloud and graduating to mainstream success, many fans may start to assume that this high energy, anarchic sound is all you can get from the buzzing region of the Sunshine state. While many of his hometown peers impress fans by churning out tracks filled with loud, sporadic bars and melodies at a rapid rate, Twelve'Len brings a separate flavor to the table as he displays patience and preparation with his impressive songwriting and solid ear for production.

In preparation for his upcoming album The Neighborhood Hero, the Miami native shared a new seven track EP titled SWIM for fans to enjoy. Inspired by a female partner rolling over in bed and asking him, "Still wondering it's me?," the project features some earlier releases from 2017 including "Natural High" and "Almost There" to go alongside new records that reveal a transition in the sound of Twelve'Len. 

"I wanted to get personal and express my experiences with love, self-love, and hate. I come from a place with a thriving nightlife scene which I personally enjoy- from South Beach to the downtown bars, clubs, and strip clubs. I wanted the people to hear, see, and feel that in my records," he said, "So I give you SWIM and look forward to giving you something greater even sooner."

Twelve'Len is a special kid. New listeners will notice it with this release and those who are already familiar can observe the transition the young artist is making as we move into 2018. Check out the EP below and keep scrolling to watch his striking video for "Human Gods" featuring Denzel Curry.


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