When we were first introduced to Virginia-based singer and fashion designer OPAL last summer, it was immediately clear that she was determined to create her own lane—and was accomplishing that exact goal. Trying to directly pinpoint her sound is a difficult task. When creating both her music and clothing, each individual project takes on a new tone and draws from a different inspiration. But every track from OPAL always seems to hold the power to transport listeners elsewhere, at least for the duration of the song.

As she prepares for the release of a new project, OPAL returns today with a brand new single titled "Coco Miyaki." Her latest release has an instantly infectious bounce embedded within the rhythm that creates a perfect balance for a voice that is delicate but demands attention. OPAL is joined by her good friend and fellow Virginia-based artist Sunny Moonshine (of Sunny and Gabe) to complete the track.

Together OPAL and Sunny deliver their parts with a confident attitude that can make any listener instantly feel themselves a little bit more—which seems fitting as OPAL describes "Coco Miyaki" as a "tough girl song"—all while layered over production from Hank Iving that feels incredibly mesmerizing.

OPAL explains that her forthcoming project features song that each embody a different piece of her personality. All inspired by the situations throughout her life that have helped shape her. "'Coco Miyaki' is a testament of my addiction to adrenaline. It’s very feminine, but slightly masculine at the same time," she explains. "It was a song that I made in a daze, it was so easy for me. The words spit right off of my tongue as I started to build the scene within my mind." While OPAL's latest single is easily suited for a proper body roll, she wants to make one thing clear with it: "Us women aren’t here to play games. We mean business."

Listen to "Coco Miyaki" below.

Image via OPAL

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