Brooklyn-based musician Matt Riley, like so many others, is facing the overwhelming feelings and fears that come with growing up. Becoming an adult is a terrifying time, when you're expected to figure out exactly what you're going to do for the rest of your life. With his project Little Shadows, Riley is documenting his thoughts as everything around him starts to accelerate. His latest track, "College," is his most relatable yet.

"I think it's better when there's no backup plan," he sings on the song, diving headfirst into his daunting future. "Next I'll drop out of college, cop a van, drive away," he continues. It's a song that embodies the very real fear of growing up in a simple and plain-spoken fashion, and it's accompanied by a wildly inventive video which sees him embodying that fear, portraying an angry businessman on an important call. 

Speaking with Riley, he explained, "It's basically a portrait of this weird feeling I have sometimes about growing up. I like the idea of making characters out of things that scare the shit out of me, and one of those things is wearing a suit in public and making important business calls." It's a unique approach, and it's interesting seeing people react to him singing the song into his douchey bluetooth earpiece.

Watch the video for "College" above, and check out the video for his Breaking collaboration "Wanna Be" below.

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