This weekend, Jaden Smith performed at Rolling Loud's Southern California festival, and he continued to impress with his excellent live show. Jaden was a highlight at ComplexCon and he gave us some moonwalking, but it looks like he's getting even more comfortable with the move. Plus, now that his long-awaited album SYRE is out—and definitely worth your time—the hype around Jaden Smith is bigger than ever and the time is perfect for a festival stage moonwalk to cap off a big year. That's just what Jaden gave the crowd, and you can watch it in all its glory above.

Below, Jaden Smith explains how he learned the move: "I like to think that my mom talk me how to moonwalk. She's amazing at dancing, and I'd always watch Michael [Jackson] when I was young, and I just kind of picked it up."

Jaden Smith is one of our Best New Artists of 2017, and SYRE is out now.

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