Minneapolis and St. Paul are home to an incredibly rich music scene as of late, with one particular circle producing some of the most exciting artists to come from the midwest. Distance Decay, Psymun, Corbin, Falls, Izell Pyramid, and many more form a loose collective of frequent collaborators and friends producing some remarkable sounding music. The latest to come from this incredibly talented circle is booboo.

The 19-year-old Minneapolis resident has teamed up with Distance Decay for a wonderfully tender song. "Fake" tells the story of booboo's journey as a black trans artist, and it's filled with touching lyrics discussing her self-discovery. Backed by beautiful, gentle production from Distance Decay, she sings, "Everything is moving past me, I just wanted to become free." It's plainly spoken without comprising, and it has us eager to hear more from booboo in the near future.

Listen to the premiere of "Fake" below, and look out for more from booboo soon.

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