Ahead of the release of his third studio album, Stranger, Yung Lean has shown that he's interested in approaching things a little differently this time around. Drifting further away from the spaced out hip-hop sound that catapulted him to viral fame, pushing himself to create something fresh once again. It seems he's going for this approach when it comes to his visuals, too, creating a short film to build hype for the imminent album.

Having notably been a bit quieter when it comes to videos for the new album, it's nice to see that he's getting a little more ambitious. Some of the videos for Unknown Memory and Warlord in particular were entertaining, showing a level of polish we hadn't quite seem from Leandoer before. The new Stranger short film, however, might be his coolest video effort to date. Written and directed Suzie and Leo, the new film is remarkably striking and offers a taste of what to expect from the upcoming album, which out November 10.

The film follows the story of a fugitive played by Lean himself, who appears covered in blood. Inspired by the work of legendary director and actor Takeshi Kitano, this is one of the most inspired videos Lean has released so far. 

Watch the short film above.