"One of my goals since I started was to prove to people that I'd be able to make Icelandic rap popular outside of Iceland." When we spoke to GKR earlier for this year when we looked at rap music around the world, he was determined to foster a following beyond his own country. He's already one of Iceland's most exciting rappers, and with the release of his best song yet, he's ready to take on the rest of world, too.

With a number of vibrant and colorful videos already out, he's adding to his already impressive repertoire with "UPP." Despite the Icelandic lyrics, "UPP" is also incredibly catchy. The combination of the joyous video and hypnotic hook is potent, making it increasingly clear just how much better GKR has been getting with each song. "I've just been quietly trying to better myself," he told us over email. "away from all the distraction. You can't see clearly unless you step away for a while. I've learned a lot this year."

Inspired by his continued success and upward trajectory, "UPP" is all about celebrating. GKR, explains, for those of who don't speak Icelandic, "It's about going up and not worrying about the negatives trying to drag you down." That's an easy to get behind premise, but "UPP" is easy to appreciate regardless of knowing what's said. As long as it bumps, right?

Watch the premiere of "UPP" above, and check out our previous chat with GKR from earlier this year here.