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A few years ago, SoundCloud buzz seemed like a rite of passage for any up-and-coming artist building their own following, but things are changing. Bülow is a 17-year-old artist currently living in the Netherlands but planning to move to Canada, and she's only got one song on SoundCloud with a little over five thousand plays. Elsewhere, however, Bülow is gaining some serious traction.

Bülow's Damaged Vol. 1, a collection of three songs, is picking up on Spotify thanks to playlist placements and a pop approach that is extremely accessible and current. "This Is Not A Love Song" has almost 300,000 plays alone, and the other two tracks are proof that it's not a random one-off hit. Bülow's songwriting is immediate and strikingly honest, mixing modern hip-hop, electronic, and R&B elements with clean production and catchy pop songwriting that requires no more than one listen to get hooked.

Check out "This Is Not A Love Song" below, hear the whole Damaged Vol. 1 below that, and look out for this young artist with hit-making potential.

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