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Each day we’re met with more new ways to communicate with each other, and yet trying to hold or even start a conversation continues to become more difficult for many of us. Sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple and get straight to the point, 23-year-old Brooklyn via Lagos, Nigeria rapper Thutmose serves up a great solution with his latest single “WuWu.” 

Simply standing for “What’s up with you?,” Thutmose’s new single “WuWu” is instantly fun, and feels like the beginning of a conversation you’d actually want to respond to. In the midst of supporting rising pop star Billie Eilish on her currently sold out North American tour, Thutmose teams up with KillaGraham for bouncy production and aims to introduce new audiences to his sound.

After fleeing from Nigeria to Brooklyn with his family at just nine years old, following the Lagos nuclear plant explosion that forced many to leave, Thutmose brings both a blended sound and a necessary ounce of wisdom to his approach to creating music. "I try to live my life knowing nothing is for certain and to make the most of it," he says. "I'm one of the very fortunate people that could even move to another country, not everyone has the means to do so." This same optimistic and upbeat energy can immediately be felt on his new single.

“For ‘WuWu,’ I was in L.A. for the second time and I was just soaking in the moment, surrounded by palm trees, warm weather. I just created a song that I felt reflected the vibes around me,” Thutmose explains. “When people hear this song for the first time, I want them to drown in themselves and feel great. Especially with dark times in the world, I hope this song serves as a reminder that there's still a lot of love in the word. It's important to keep that energy contagious.”

Listen to “WuWu”  below.


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