What's the point of being a music fan if you don't know obscure, pointless facts to tell your friends? Exactly, there is no point, so we're here to help. 

We took a look at three random music facts that need to be shared. For starters, did you know Kanye West sold his first professional beats for $8,800, and then used that money to buy a Jesus piece and some polos? He literally invested that money into himself. Take notes, kids. 

Or what about the fact that Jimi Hendrix got caught jerking off while he was in the military? We talked about this once before, but now here it is again, but in video format! And last but not least, we look at the infamous sex tape between Kid Rock, Scott Stapp, and a bevy of groupies. That's that real rock & roll stuff that needs explored. 

What are some obscure facts you know about? Leave them in the comments and maybe we'll include them on the next episode.