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Earlier this week, we introduced you to St. Louis rapper pinkcaravan! and her captivating new EP a very sad happy birthday. Today we're back with more, this time from the producer responsible for all of the colorful sounds of the EP, Namesake.  

The Midwest producer grabbed pinkcaravan! and Sam Stan for his new single "Vroom Vroom" and delivers another fun-filled record for fans to enjoy. The record begins with a simple, catchy hook from pinkcaravan! that blends right into her verse before Sam Stan joins in and delivers an impressive verse of his own.

Namesake. told us, "pinkcaravan! and Sam Stan are artists I love working with the most. They understand my sound and approach it in their respective ways. I’m pinkcaravan!’s executive producer and have plenty unreleased songs with Sam Stan too. I want to introduce listeners to new artists with a unique sound on top of my production. Singles like 'Vroom Vroom' create a platform for that to happen organically. I want to continue to work with artists that don't mind trying something a little different."

Check out the new single below.


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