Gordi The Come Up hasn't released much music to the public, but he's been working for quite some time. The 23-year-old artist is here today with an impressive visual for his upcoming album Still Waters Run Deep as well as two new singles.

The visual is raw and gets more and more intense as each scene progresses and so does the music. The intro scene is soundtracked by a calm, airy produced record as we watch Gordi pick up and smoke an unfinished joint, the second scene shows a more aggressive Gordi charging towards the camera as an a second record with almost spooky production plays in the background. As a third, mellow record plays in the final scene we see Gordi hacking away at something/someone with an axe before delivering a few kicks and smoking more of the unfinished joint from the first scene. There's no context provided and you are left to interpret what occurs in the video on your own but the spitter does offer a little more insight to who he is via two new songs, "I See It, You See It" and "Hands Down."

Both records display Gordi's technical ability and also a bit of polish and an ear for quality production. Not much is known about Gordi The Come Up, but if he continues to work at this pace and with this level of quality, we will have plenty of time to learn.

Check out the visual above and listen to the new records below or check out all of Gordi's content here.