Things are fucked up as ever, and while a lot of music reflects that, some of it also seeks to counter it with positivity. UK rapper, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Cartlidge does that with "Love Spoons," a song that was written in part as a response to a string of attacks around the world, in particular the hate crime that took place in Orlando last year.

"I couldn't believe people had been targeted for the way they express love," Cartlidge explains. "But also how the society we live in holds on idea that true love in its most valid form or whatever is this idyllic boy meets girl, Barbie and Ken run off into the sunset type deal. I just don't believe that this is the case for most people or a true reflection of real life whether you're tall, short, big, small, black, white, blue, man, woman, or otherwise... you don't have to act, look, or be a certain way to be loved. Being yourself is your own journey to being truly happy and loved."

The message is vital, and musically, "Love Spoons" delivers with style. It's a genre-spanning, all-embracing track with an unforgettable hook worth proudly singing along with. Listen below.