Even though he released two projects last year, Yung Lean is already gearing up to release his next studio album. After teasing that the album is on its way shortly, Leandoer has delivered the first preview of the forthcoming record. Moving on from the sound of the dark Warlord, Yung Lean is going for something entirely different with "Red Bottom Sky," a gorgeous track that's a pretty bold choice for the album's first single.

Instead of stacked with booming bass and foreboding production flourishes, "Red Bottom Sky" keeps things pretty mellow, focusing on that catchy melody. While his work in his side-projects have shown that he's willing to experiment with new angles, "Red Bottom Sky" is still a pleasant surprise. Album to album, Yung Lean has delivered something fresh, and from the sounds of "Red Bottom Sky," he's planning to keep that up with his third studio album.

Listen to "Red Bottom Sky" below.

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