Buddy is only 23 years old, but he already has a whole career's worth of experience in the music industry. As a young teenager, he signed to the i am OTHER label after Scott Vener shared some of the young artist's music with Pharrell. In 2011 he had a lowkey hit with The Neptunes-produced "Awesome Awesome" and in 2014 he released his debut mixtape Idle Time, with a star-studded feature list including Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs, and Pharrell.

As much success as he's already had, 2017 is becoming a special year for Buddy, and the music is getting better and better. Building on the momentum of the polished, catchy "Shine," Buddy teamed up with Kaytranada for the Ocean & Montana EP and came back quickly with another project, Magnolia. With production duo Mike & Keys providing beats that bump hard but still have soul, Buddy's versatility comes to the fore, and there's more music on the way.

Just before Magnolia was released, we spent the day with Compton-born Buddy in L.A. to find out what makes him tick. "I'm inspired by life," Buddy told us more than once, and from the hills above L.A. to the studio where The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds was recorded via some shopping on Melrose, he's certainly living his to the fullest.

Watch our latest Who Is? video with Buddy above, and get into the Magnolia project below.

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