Earlier this year, R&B trio The Trp grabbed my attention with the release of their singles "Lavender" and "Before You Know It." Though they're certainly making R&B, simply labeling it just that seems inaccurate and almost lazy. Their music draws inspiration from varying influences and gives them a futuristic spin. The results are a unique fusion that creates a sonic journey like their name would imply. As the group prepares for the release of their forthcoming debut EP, SOAK, they return today with another impressive preview of what's to come.

The Trp continue to be consistent in their ability to make layered, complex track feel nearly effortless and perfectly clean-cut. For their latest single, "Eagle" the beat builds at a gradual pace that seems fitting for the subject at hand as the production seems like a tailor made soundtrack for something taking flight. A closer listen with your eyes closed can easily paint an entire mental image as the song progresses—the opening starts off sounding like a steady takeoff, slowly ascending until it reaches a steady, yet serene altitude to match the tone of the chorus.

"'Eagle' is a song about self-belief and being daring," The Trp reveals. "With all the distractions today it's real convenient to give up, the line "keep your eagle in flight" is saying keep your passion alive, keep being you." The group explains that their latest track was inspired by 16th century music with the harpsichord. "We were wondering how dope R&B would be if it was a thing back then. The song's genre is like medieval R&B from 2048."

The Trp's forthcoming SOAK EP has been three years in the making, and with songs as layered as theirs are, it comes as no surprise that such intricacy would take time. "We just wanted to make something unique and special for our generation," The Trp explains. "Something with raw feeling and color. Something that hopefully in 40 years people will listen back and be nostalgic."

Listen to "Eagle" below.


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