Since late 2016, Brooklyn's SAINt JHN has been a formidable presence. A lot of up-and-comers favor quantity over quality, hoping that one or two songs connect, but SAINt JHN's moves are designed for maximum impact. His last three tracks—"Roses," "Reflex," and "3 Below"—have been his best work, and without any filler to clog up his catalog, he's one of the most consistent artists on the rise right now.

Without any warning, he strikes again with a new song called "Some Nights." This one maintains a dark, moody vibe with a potent hook, effortless melody, and production by F a l l e n that balances ominous, celebratory, and melancholy elements to match the lyrics. Before it even satisfies with another round of verse and chorus, it's over—which is why "Some Nights" will be on repeat all weekend.

Check out SAINt JHN performing "3 Below" in our backyard at SXSW below, and watch our interview with him here.