When it comes to producers, nobody is putting on as many interesting acts as Dylan Brady is. Constantly introducing his friends via the stellar production he provides for them, Dylan is one of the most reliable ways of finding out about promising talent. One of the first acts Dylan worked with was the artist formerly known as Devo. Changing his name to Pritty, perhaps to avoid confusion with the tottally unrelated band with funny hats, he's teamed up with Dylan once again to reintroduce himself.

After releasing the catchy "Cursive" a few months back, Pritty has delivered a new video and track that solidifies his singular style. His cadence is low-key but hypnotic on his latest song, "16 Candles." Atop the simplistic but hard-hitting production from Dylan Brady, Pritty details a complicated love affair with a memorable chorus in tow. Accompanied by a video shot by Dylan's frequent collaborator Lewis Grant, the video matches the sleepy, after-hours tone of the track perfectly.

Watch the premiere of the "16 Candles" video above, and check out "Cursive" below.

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