Summer is almost over but rising artists Heff and FreeWil linked up to close out the season correctly with new single "On My Mind." Heff just turned 23 this spring and since then has spent time developing his craft while paying close attention to brand and aesthetic. The Brooklyn-born act also takes value in his personal style and appearance and it's a priority to make sure that his music upholds those values. Throughout the visual for the new single Heff and FreeWil have a blast at a local carnival while crooning to their respective potential partners.

In an era that has started to reach a point where no matter how extreme or polarizing the music sounds or the artists looks, it still feels like everyone is doing the same thing. It's a refreshing feeling to see artists take things back to the music and still deliver an aesthetically pleasing visual and impressive music. "On My Mind" is simple, it's fun, and it's catchy enough to have you humming the melodies without even noticing. Heff says this is just the beginning of his journey and there's "much more" coming throughout the fall and winter, and if this record is a sign of anything, we should be in for an interesting ride following the up and coming artist. 

Check out the video and song below.


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