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Most of the time, Mac DeMarco seems like the kind of guy who doesn't know (or want to know) how to operate his cell phone, but he broke out of his technological shell in the virtual reality video for This Old Dog's title track.

A collaboration with painter and VR artist Rachel Rossin, DeMarco tells Pitchfork, "The main idea is to just have it be interesting-looking, hopefully beautiful-looking. It’s essentially just strange, very strange."

Mission accomplished. Flying through the air with giant dogs and other unusual characters (DeMarco's face makes a brief appearance in the place of a pup's nose), the video is in fact a bizarre experience.

"Rachel is a visual artist, and she goes behind the scenes and does a lot of the coding and scripting," DeMarco says of his collaborator. "She learned it from opening up video games as a kid and being genuinely interested. I used to crack stuff like that open too and make my own 3D models. Now her stuff goes very far out into cyberspace, but where she started, I had a similar experience. The difference is I went off and was like, I wanna try and be the Beatles instead."

Watch the clip above and revisit the rest of the album below.

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