Lance Skiiiwalker isn't an easy character to pin down and understand.

The Top Dawg Entertainment signee is on a label with some of the biggest stars in music, but he made it clear from the beginning that he wasn't the type of artist who would compromise his originality in an attempt to chase after mainstream success.

As a result, sometimes his work is weird. It's different. It's hard to understand. His new video for "Where To With You" follows suit, accompanied by a wild video that features dancing rabbits, a bionic hot air balloon version of himself, and a bunch of other things I can't really describe. But there's special going on here that's hard to deny.

Instead of attempting to describe it myself, I reached out to Skiiiwalker and asked him about the song.

"I'm very introverted and wanted to make a song about how introverted I am," he says, explaining the lyrics in "Where To With You's" opening half. Then as the song progresses, he shifts his focus "to explain my love and relationship I have with marijuana."

"A good friend and colleague of mine directed the video he's very new to the scene but very creative and great at what he does as well," he continues. "We were out in LA together and he decided he wanted to take some head shots of me with the camera. That same day he took everything back to his laptop and created an amazing story all from his brain.​"

Watch the Shawn Johnson-directed video above and continue for a short documentary he shared with us for more about Skiiiwalker from the man himself.

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