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The SATURATION trilogy is nearing totality. Two excellent albums are out, and there's a third coming. And it's all happened in the last few months. 

The pace at which Brockhampton is producing music is astounding, but the quality—both audio and visual—is just as impressive. Each member is playing to their strengths, and everyone's getting better as a result. We spoke to Brockhampton in the midst of this creative vortex—it's unclear how long they can stay holed up in their Los Angeles music factory, but if this weekend's performance at Afropunk is any indication, they have more energy than ever. 

That's what we think, anyway. The citizens roaming New York's streets have a massive range of opinions, and the unflappable Angelito is here to hear them all. We played the strangers "JUNKY," one of Brockhampton's most recent and best cuts.

Matt Champion, Joba, Ameer Vann, Merlyn Wood, Kevin Abstract, and Dom McLennon all confront demons in their verses, but it's Kevin's open, honest discussion of his homosexuality that earned the most accolades online. We also had to talk about Merlyn's Froot Loops bath. Watch the video above, and get familiar with the Brockhampton boys below. 

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