In 2016, Yung Lean was remarkably busy, releasing four projects under three different names. With both a new album and mixtape as Yung Lean, his debut album with Gud under the name Död Mark, and his first release under his personal side-project Jonatan Leandoer127, 2016 was a hugely prolific year for Yung Lean.

Released quietly as a limited edition cassette after a number of singles on a separate YouTube account, Lean dropped Psychopath Ballads before the end of the year as a physical-only release, but now it's out on streaming platforms thanks to his label, YEAR0001. Perhaps more excitingly, however, the rerelease of Psychopath Ballads is accompanied by a new EP produced entirely by Palmistry.

Recorded all the way back in 2015, the strikingly bare Katla EP is a big change of pace from his music under the Yung Lean name. Almost ambient with zero percussion, Katla is an even more stripped-back follow-up to the similarly skeletal Psychopath Ballads, which contained some of his most personal content to date. Katla​ might be a bit too different for some of Lean's fans, but it's definitely an interesting look at an artist eager to experiment.

Listen to the EP in full below, and check out the reissue of the debut Jonatan Leandoer127 EP Psychopath Ballads below that.