After building buzz with massively successful singles like "Lovesick" and "Fireflies" over the last couple years, British producer Mura Masa's self-titled major label debut has finally arrived.​

Working with a star-studded collection of vocal collaborators including ASAP Rocky, Desiigner, Bonzai, Charli XCX, NAO, Jamie Lidell, Christine and the Queens, Damon Albarn, and Tom Tripp, the album is a diverse snapshot of music in 2017 across multiple regions and genres.

In a new interview with Julie Adenuga on Beats 1, Masa says, "It's a collection of cultural moments, bringing together a lot of unlikely collaborators... Having David Albarn right next to Desiigner on the front cover [laughs].""

Explaining why he wanted to bring such diverse artists together, Masa says, "Sometimes you need different voices. Christine has very different things to talk about than Desiigner does. And Desiigner has very different things to talk abou than NAO or Tom Tripp. So, I think if anything, it's a good thing that the face of the project is constantly changing and it can cover a broader range of topics and sounds."

Despite the stacked guest list of prominent names, Masa doesn't get lost in the shuffle. This thing has his fingerprints all over it. He explains, "I wanted it to be self-titled and self-made. Everything on there... I played every instrument and I produced every song. Apart from—you can hear Damon playing the guitar at the end of 'Blu.' I had to put that in."

Listen to the album below via Apple Music here and Spotify below.