Wulfy has a hell of a story.

Born in Colombia, he immigrated to America with his family as a child, surviving a two month journey through Central America by way of foot, boat, and bus.

As a teenager in Florida, he picked up the guitar and started dabbling in music, but it wasn't until a chance run-in with producer Josh December while he was working at Walgreens two and a half years ago that he started taking music seriously.

This year, he hit a low point when he lost his job, followed by a freak car accident when his hood flipped off and crashed into his windshield while he was driving away from a fight with his mom. But through the ordeal, he finally found his sound and started recorded the most exciting music of his life.

Wrapping addictive pop melodies around moody, bass-heavy hip-hop production, his music reflects the accessible sounds of his influences (which include John Mayer, Adele, and Justin Bieber) while mixing in a dark edge that undoubtedly comes from the chaotic nature of his life as he recorded these songs.

Dropping four songs at once, Wulfy introduces himself today with "Hannah," "Knights," "Bifocals," and "Juke." Listen above and below, and continue for our interview with the talented young Florida artist.

This is the first music you're putting out in the world as Wulfy. What made you decide that now is the right time?

I honestly feel that this is the perfect time for my music to come out. For so long I have been working hard to just be able to fully create a beat and lyrics that explained me at that moment and I feel that this music properly explains the last few months.​

When and how did you find your current sound?

Actually the music and direction that I am in currently making came to be a couple of months ago when my life was at a huge low point. I had just lost my job (which I went into debt for just to get the job). My car broke down several times, I got a bunch of tickets, I was having issues with my family, etc. I was driving to the car wash one day after a fight with my mom and the hood of my car flipped backwards and broke my windshield while in the middle of the road. But through all of that I wrote "Hannah" and "Knights," which me and Reksoblow call "Black," and that kind of brought to life the direction of the music. I have always had the little elements of the music that I wanted to create but at this point everything came together.​

This stuff is melodic and catchy and almost has an accessible pop appeal to it... but it's also a little dark and moody. What attracts you to music like that?

I'm glad that's what you get from it because that's exactly what I want fans to feel from the music. I feel that music should be an extension of the artist and this type of music is like a clone of myself. I am not just one thing; I'm a mix of a lot of things just like my music. Also I just love pop melodies and the accessibility of it while the dark and moodiness represents a real piece of me that I feel I don't share with people as much in real life.​

What kinds of music do you listen to in your spare time?

Music is one of the biggest things in my life so I am always listening. Ummm... I feel super regular by saying this but I really listen to everything. If I look at my Apple music right now I have: Kodak Black (shouts out to Florida), Playboi Carti, J. Cole, Sonder, Drake, Kanye West, John Mayer, Adele, Justin Bieber, Disclosure, Nav, Yookie and Boombox Cartel.

Your music makes use of a lot of vocal effects, but it's used in interesting ways that aren't overbearing. Can you tell me about your approach to these effects and why you choose to manipulate your vocals?

Vocals are a huge life line in my music. Since I started making music, my two closest collaborators/friends: Josh December and Reksoblow have always pushed me to explore vocal usage. I find myself taking my vocals and manipulating them through pitching and other weird effects a lot in my music. It's easier for me to emulate something or create a melody by singing it, then tweaking to make it fit, than for me search for 30 minutes for a sound and then lose the beat melody and idea I had in the first place. Vocals are amazing because they are a sound that no one else can recreate and it's such a personal thing that you will always shine through the music.​

Describe an ideal setting for someone to listen to your music.

I think my music is able to be listened to anywhere. But the best possible scenario would be after a night out while attempting to drop all of your friends off, waiting in the line of a Taco Bell you didn't know existed while the lady is waiting to take your order for 45 dollars that you didn't think you had that morning.​

I heard you're originally from Medellin, Colombia. What impact do you think being from Colombia has on your music today?

Medellin is where pretty much where all of my family is from. I was born there and lived there until I was about seven years old. Medellin itself feels like a distant memory, since I grew up here in Orlando. What has affected my music and who I am today more was the journey that my mother, me and my little brother took to get here. It took a couple months of traveling through Central America by walking, boat, and buses to make it here. That journey has affected my perspective heavily and leads me to continue creating and taking the hard path of discovery. At the end of the day I am a Florida boy.

When did you originally start making music? What kind of music were you making back then?

I originally started making music when I was 13, writing songs and learning guitar. But as far as producing and actually recording myself, that was around two and a half years ago after meeting Josh December while I was working at Walgreens. Thinking back on it I was actually really set on going to the military at that time. I knew I loved music but I was running away from it. It is really crazy actually because in my head I've been a fire producer and vocalist this whole time, so the taste has always been there. But of course when I was first starting out, I was learning and growing. I made a lot of beats back then; mainly super default hip-hop and R&B, with some EDM as well.​


Why did you decide to move to Florida and when did you make the move?

I really grew up here but basically me, my parents, and my brother all lived in Colombia when my dad came here illegally to live and make some money for us. In Colombia me and my brother didn't have the best opportunity and my parents wanted us to go to college which is harder in Colombia (on a side note that is funny, and kind of sad, because I only went to the local community college for about a year and a half before I called it quits for my academic career. I even graduated with a 4.3 GPA from high school so you can imagine how my parents felt but anyways).  Then my mom decided one day to follow my dad here so she gave away a bunch of stuff and we flew to Panama to begin our journey here. Sucks cause all of our bags got stolen that flight but hey don't worry, I'm legal and here to stay now.​

How would you describe your music to someone who's never heard it before?

I always struggle with this question but I would say my music is a mix between Rap, R&B, EDM, and Pop music. My music is me; it is insecure but sure, complex but simple, explores but stays grounded. I don't know it just brings to life the human condition. None of us are white or black. We are all grey.​

I heard that you play multiple instruments, produce, and sing. What all do you play and what advantage do you think that gives you over artists who stick to one instrument?

I do. Its weird because I've had ear issues since I was a kid but I feel that my ears are my biggest advantage, especially in playing instruments. I started with guitar when I was 13 and now I play piano, bass, drums, sing, and of course more recently I produce. I think that understanding multiple instruments allows me to fully carry out my image of a song that is in my mind.​

I'm intrigued by your name. Where does Wulfy come from?

Everything having to do with my music career has been difficult for me to come to. When I was first starting out my name was Day Wulf, and that took about six months of hard searching to come up with. I barely even wanted to go with that name but after a lot of frustration running through names with Josh December, he pushed me towards going with that one. Then after months of that name and one EDM-influenced song later, I decided to take the "Day" out and just leave "Wulfy." I then deleted my music and all of my tweets to begin a new era of self discovery and here we are. Let's see where it goes.​

Anything else you'd like to add?

I work on my own artwork as well and I have some Wulfy merch in the works, so don't blink. Thank you Reksoblow and Josh December. These guys are going to be legendary in music, none of my music would be what it is today if it wasn't for them. Their vision and work ethic are like none other. Be watching out for them these coming months.​

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