When Pitchfork called Lil Peep the future of emo, it provoked a wide range of reactions. But they weren't far off—few artists have channeled the ethos of emo rock into 2017 like Peep (he's sampled songs from The Microphones, Oasis, and Brand New during his climb), and his fan base just keeps growing. 

For this installment of Numbers on the Board, we're looking at Lil Peep's following. His melodic, druggy raps are attracting listeners in massive numbers, and a steady stream of SoundCloud singles adds fuel to the fire every month. He's even joined rap's fashion revolution, walking the runway at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. So what's next for Lil Peep? We've yet to see an album, but if 2016's Hellboy project is any indication, he already has the bandwidth for full-length releases. And with numbers like these, it's only a matter of time. Get familiar in the video above. 

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