When it comes to music videos, Kevin Abstract likes to remain in control. All of his videos for songs from his debut album American Boyfriend have been self-directed, and they've all been very bold in numerous ways. He's got a super keen eye for visuals, as the video for "Empty" and many others made evident. But his latest video, which is set at a "conversion camp," might be his best one yet, providing a bleak but really striking story in its brief running time.

Premiered during the season finale of his tv show on Viceland, American Boyband, Kevin took to Twitter to personally thank Spike Jonze. It's unclear if he contributed to the video or not, but Spike did appear in American Boyband speaking with Kevin about ideas, and Kevin has never been shy in showing his appreciation for his work in the past. In fact, the videos for Brockhampton's Saturation were inspired by Jackass in particular. Either way, it's exciting to see Kevin evolve as a director as well as a musician.

Brockhampton are heading out on tour soon just after the release of their next studio album, Saturation II, which is due sometime in August. Check out all the dates for Brockhampton's tour here, and watch the video for "Miserable America" above.

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