We've been waiting  for this one. Bill Saber's "Creepin N Lurkin" remains one of the hardest songs in recent creation, one that might make your ears bleed. Today we're premiering the video. 

Directed by @laddin, "Creepin N Lurkin" starts innocently enough, with a little girl making her way to school. She's met by a leery crossing guard, and instead of crossing the street, decides to follow the intriguing hooded  figure that's walking the other way. She follows him through yards, out of the suburbs and into what looks to be an abandoned train station. That's where Saber drops the big reveal, revealing his true nature and epic horns. 

Full disclosure: this video is NSFW, so if you don't want your boss to know you listen to awesome headbanging music, find a private corner.

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