Aminé thrives in the summertime.

The season is “when who I truly am as a person shines,” he recently told The New York Times. Living in a yellow-hued world, the Portland rapper broke out with the buoyant single “Caroline” last summer, and it’s only fitting that his debut album arrives during the year’s warmest, sunniest days.

This isn’t shallow, out-of-touch pop music, though. Yes, he has a goofy sense of humor and yes, he’s sitting pants-down on a toilet on the album’s cover—but this thing has depth that might surprise people who have only heard “Caroline.” On songs like “Money,” he explores the themes of financial and racial inequalities from an insightful perspective that balances out the album’s lighter moments.

Then, on tracks like album closer “Beach Boy,” Aminé pulls everything together, touching on his insecurities and fears over bouncy percussion that fitting of its summer-ready title. So, go ahead and load this thing up for a breezy soundtrack in the background of your next summer road trip or day at the beach. But don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper, either. You might be surprised with what you find.

Listen to Good For You on Apple Music below. We will update with a Spotify stream when it becomes available at 12:00 a.m. EST.

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