Aphex Twin's 1999 single "Windowlicker" is pretty much a massive landmark in electronic music, making a huge impact when it released alongside a now legendary music video. It takes a lot of confidence to even touch the song, but PC Music's A. G. Cook has offered his take on the track on the label's new compilation, Month of Mayhem.

Thankfully, Cook doesn't change all that much about the track, but he still brings his signature touch. Inspired by a clash at this year's Field Day festival in London, Cook put together the remix for those missing out on Aphex Twin's set. "My set at Field Day directly clashed with Aphex Twin's headline show, so I thought it would be nice to do a full-length, note-for-note cover of 'Windowlicker,'" he explained. "Spent a very intense 48 hours inside a windowless room - somewhere between a Braindance rehearsal and a labour of love."

Listen to A. G. Cook's take on the song below, and listen to the full compilation below that.

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