London rapper Skrapz is hard as hell. The veteran artist has been around music on and off since the early days of grime, but it was only in 2015 that he dropped his debut album The End of the Beginning. Independently released, it charted in the U.K., and in 2017 Skrapz aims to build on past success with new singles and then an album.

“I want to start performing again, I want my music in people’s cars again,” he says. “It’s inspirational watching Nines and Giggs reaching the top ten on the album charts, just to know that it’s possible. I released my album in 2015, it landed just outside of the top 40, but then even 39 would have been an achievement. Now it’s a whole different level. It’s making me know what I can aim for.”

With a gruff delivery and a street smart mentality, Skrapz is worth checking out whether you're already familiar with rappers like Giggs and Nines or you just like raw rap bars, whatever accent they're delivered in. "Not Like Me" is officially out tomorrow, listen to the premiere and check out previous drop "Enemies" below.

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