Speaking with Chinese rap group Higher Brothers earlier this year, they told us rap was experiencing a bit of a boom in China. "The rap scene is exploding in China in terms of audience and passion for it, and we are the leaders of that movement," they said. "We are the culture like Migos is in America." With the arrival of their debut album, Black Cab, they're making it clear why they're at the forefront of Chinese rap.

Featuring previously released singles "WeChat," "Bitch Don't Kill My Dab," and others, the higher energy album rarely sits still. The production is consistently great, and each of the members brings a distinct flair to their rapping. Despite language barriers, it's easy to get into the album because of just how infectious their energy and hooks are. Here's hoping they get the chance to tour this album outside of their country in the near future, because it's not hard to see these songs going off at a festival set. Language barriers aren't an issue anymore, all that matters is that the music is good, and Higher Brothers' debut album is proof of that.

Listen to Black Cab below, and learn more about Higher Brothers here.

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