LA-based artist Darnell Williams has always impressed us with both his hard-hitting lyrics and his surreal visuals. Often inspired by the obstacles he's faced throughout his life, Darnell has been able to paint perfect pictures of his music and deliver a ton of quality content. Usually Darnell directs his videos on his own, but this time for his new single "Yung Spike Lee" featuring Casey Veggies, he co-directs alongside CUTSDATFLO and delivers another solid visual.

The visuals for this single are insane as you see Darnell roam around Detroit neighborhoods he was raised in before having a seat in a lawn chair to watch Casey roam through LA in a new BMW. Speaking on the video, Darnell told us, “The 'Yung Spike Lee' video is an in-depth view of the part of Detroit that isn’t always shown but is just as true. I went back to my old neighborhoods and shot places that I lived to show the environment that made me who I am.”

Darnell has come a long way from his rough beginnings and is becoming quite the impressive songwriter and rapper, check out the video at the top of the page and stay tuned for more from the rising artist.