New Jersey native and Immaculate Taste artist Angelo Mota is currently gearing up for his upcoming album. As he tirelessly works to complete the finishing touches, he returns today to deliver the pairing video short film for his latest single “Eve.” 
Just a few months ago, Mota released “Namaste”—a hard-hitting single with a lot of bounce. The follow-up finds Mota on the complete opposite end of the spectrum as he slows things down significantly for this hazy new record. The single is completed with a verse from fellow New Jersey rapper Topaz Jones, that matches the subtle bounce of the beat.

On its own, “Eve” is a strong track with soulful loop sitting in the spotlight of the production. However, the Antoine Duchamp-directed visuals help bring the single to new heights as it transforms “Eve” into the perfect soundtrack for this narrative. 
Mota explains that when he and FatherMIKE were writing the video treatment, they drew inspiration from the book of Genesis "and relate them to the modern day perception of innocence in today's society." However the setting finds the cast in Paris rather than the Garden of Eden.

"We chose Paris as the location because of its beauty and the accessibility to 'sin.' Just like with any big metropolitan city, there's an abundance of temptations to fall victim to," says FatherMIKE. "However, what makes Paris a bit different, is its propensity to eat its young. Visually we also used Paris as an influencer in deciding to make the visual more conceptual and abstract. We didn't want to babysit the viewer, but we sprinkled clues throughout for those interested in figuring out the meaning."

Watch the full video above.