We've been looking forward to this one.

Peruvian-born artist A.CHAL has been on a hot streak, putting out consistently great, addictive music over the last couple years—including 2016's excellent debut album Welcome to GAZI. Now, he's back with another mesmerizing collection of his genre-defying sounds.

"I think overall, the vibe of it is this Latin beach boy in Malibu," he recently told TIDAL about the project. "That’s the vibe. I’m not based in Malibu, but I love it there. I go to the beach often, as much as possible. I like the ocean, the palm trees, just chilling by the sand at night. It’s a moment of decompressing. I like those moments when you have a time to reflect, with nature surrounding you. I think that is the vibe my music gives off."

Never one to shy away from his Peruvian roots, A.CHAL dives in even further this time, including three bilingual songs on the 11-song project.

"I had hinted that a bit in my previous work with one song, but this time I am doing three," he explained.

Listen on Apple Music here or via Spotify below.

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