A few years ago, Tyler, The Creator debuted a show he made with Lionel "L-Boy" Boyce via their Golf Media app. The animated series, The Jellies!, will now be making its way to TV through Adult Swim. The Jellies! tells the story of a 16-year-old human son to jellyfish parents, and yes, it does sound like the perfect fit for Adult Swim. The lead character, Cornell Jelly, finds out he was adopted and promptly panics, with the series following his attempts to find himself in the wake of the news.

The Jellies! is set to feature an original score by Tyler alongside voice acting by L-Boy, Blake Anderson, Phil LaMarr, AJ Johnson, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Tyler himself among many more. The show will premiere this summer on Adult Swim, and they've released a trailer to announce the project above. Earlier this month it was announced that Tyler would be adapting another one of his Golf Media Shows, Nuts and Bolts, for Viceland. Fans of Tyler have a lot to look forward to this summer from the sounds of things.

Tyler has a history with Adult Swim, having previously produced Loiter Squad for the network, and the trailer for The Jellies! even makes a reference to the show. Watch the trailer above.

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