James Vincent McMorrow was tired of a routine that didn't make sense. He was tired of waiting around.

“Life is long. But then, it isn't really," he explains. "Since I've been making records it's been about following a cycle. Make a record. Wait. Release a record. Play for 18 months. Take a break. I don't really understand that cycle any more. I want to make records when I'm compelled to, and I want to release them when they're still as fresh to me as they are to whomever is hearing them for the first time. The idea of sitting around waiting doesn't make sense to me."

So, less than nine months after releasing his excellent third studio album, We Move​, the talented singer-songwriter​ is back with another project—True Care.

"Could I have made it sound slicker? Yes," he says. But falling into an obsessive attention to detail like he has in the past would have meant missing the point of the project entirely.

"It felt so vital that I leave any flaws on display, not go back and sand off their edges," he explains. "This album is life, itʼs the life Iʼve lived up to this point, itʼs the one that might be ahead of me. And sometimes life is magical. But other times it's scary and fucked… Honestly most times itʼs scary and fucked. It moves in and out of rhythm constantly. Itʼs rarely slick, rarely untouchable."

Watch McMorrow perform the album above and listen to the studio version below. While it plays, go read his full statement about the album. It's a fascinating read.