Since relocating to Los Angeles from New Jersey in 2014, theOGM and Eaddy have been building a cult following as duo Ho99o9 with their wild live shows and two excellent EPs Horrors of 1999 and Dead Bodies in the Lake.

Now, their full-length debut album has finally arrived—and it doesn't disappoint. Opening with an intro that states, "I pledge allegiance to the burning flag of the United States of Horror," the project is a visceral rallying cry against oppression, racism, and a host of other injustices plaguing America right now. But more than anything, it's a project that begs to be played loud. Loud as fuck, specifically.

"This record was made to be listened to loud as fuck and only can truly be enjoyed while playing loud as fuck," the group explains. "If you are not playing this at its highest volume you are wasting your time. Moreover, if you are to listen to the record while not playing loud as fuck.....fuck you!  It will be like reading a 3D comic without 3D glasses. Listener be warned!"

Listen to United States of Horror below and watch their insane music video for "War Is Hell" above.