Denzel Curry released his well-loved single "Ultimate" at the end of 2014. However, in the years since its release the track has seemed to receive a new wave of appreciation every few months—thanks to several memes. Putting the memes aside, "Ultimate" is an undeniably energetic and infectious song on its own.

Earlier this year Curry gave the single yet another breath of new life. In March, Curry teamed up with BadBadNotGood to put an alternate spin on "Ultimate" and "Sick & Tired" during a live session. The addition of live instrumentation from BBNG, as well as Charlotte Day Wilson, gave a new energy to the singles. Now they've released some trippy visuals of their their recordings to add to the fun of these reworked tracks.

Check out the studio session above, and listen to Denzel explain how his hair saved his life below.